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School-Wide Positive Behavior Systems - Success for Every Student

Albanvale Primary School is committed to providing a positive learning environment for all students. To achieve this, we have implemented a system designed to teach the behaviours that we expect to see at school.


As a staff, we have developed our ‘A.P.S. Behaviour Matrix.’ As you can see, it highlights our 4 core values of:

  • Excellence

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Collaboration.

These values underpin every behaviour expectation of our staff and students.


For there to be no confusion of our expected behaviours, we have described what each value should look like in varying locations around our school grounds. Once we had all agreed on the behaviours that we expect students to demonstrate, we began teaching the behaviours directly to the students. Students need to understand these expectations if we are to expect them to adhere to them.


Once students are aware of the behaviours that they are expected to demonstrate, teachers actively seek out opportunities to acknowledge the students’ efforts by giving them a ‘High 5 Card’. These small pieces of paper are recognition that the student has demonstrated a behaviour listed on our A.P.S. Behaviour Matrix. Students should feel a sense of pride in themselves for receiving one. The added bonus to receiving a ‘High 5 Card’ is that once a student has collected enough, they can be traded in at the ‘High 5 Shop’ for a special gift from the school to the individual student to say, ‘thank you for demonstrating our expected behaviours!’

Our school is committed to living our values and have collaboratively agreed on the executed behaviors below. Each week our students spend time explicitly practicing and developing the behaviours, mindsets, and emotions necessary to succeed in our community.

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