Digital Technologies

To best prepare our students for the 21st century, it is important that we support them to use digital technologies creatively and collaboratively, maximising the potential and possibilities of these tools. It is imperative that our students have the relevant skills and knowledge required to be ethically responsible Digital Citizens.


Throughout their journey at Albanvale Primary School, student's have access to a range of digital technologies. Recognising the ever-growing impact digital technologies are having on the way people interact with their daily tasks, our teachers have refined their pedagogical approach to organically incorporate the use of ICT as part of the classroom learning program. To ensure students have experiences with a range of devices they will interact with throughout their lives a sequenced program has been employed which gives students access to:


- Shared iPad devices for Prep classes

- Shared Laptops for student's in years 1/2

- 1:1 Laptop program for all students in years 3-6


The 1:1 laptop program is free to all families and provides students with their own, Lenovo Yoga Laptop to enhance their learning opportunities.


Further to the fundamental ICT skills required to effectively utilise digital devices, Students at our school are explicitly taught Film Making and Video editing with access to our studio lights and Green Screen Technology, 3D CAD modelling with access to 3 full-load 3D printers and Robotics program which includes Lego We Do and Mindstorm EV3 machines which are used on our student made, competition-sized Lego Leauge Table. 


Want to see some of the amazing things our students are producing or follow our Lego Leauge Competitors? Check out our Facebook Page on the link below.